Make your Marriage Last Forever


Casting Instructions for ‘Make your Marriage Last Forever’


Marriage spells just like love spells are really tricky and must be performed with care and tact. This spell is not intended to be performed if you are someone who wishes to get married. It is for already married couples who want to make their marriages to last forever.

First you need to separate the petals of the rose from the flower. Write the name of your spouse and yourself on the petals. For example of you have written your name on one petal you need to write your spouse’s name on the next petal. Use black ink. Do this until you have filled the names on all petals. Then dip these petals in rose water and lay them under your bed covers.

Ideally, this spell is best performed just before the both of you go to bed. Once you have arranged the rose petals under your bed covers light the jasmine candle or jasmine incense and turn out the lights. Say the following spell twice before you retire to bed for the night:

“Oh Venus, the Goddess of love
It is my humble prayer to thee
That my marriage, the both of us
Forever we may be.”

For a better effect place either a rosemary or lavender twig under both your pillows. This can be performed once a month or once in two months depending on the current status of the relationship that the both of you share.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Red Rose Petals
  • Rose Water
  • Lavender or Rosemary Flowers
  • Jasmine scented candle or Jasmine Incense