Make your BF/Crush speak truth


Casting Instructions for ‘Make your BF/Crush speak truth’

If your crush or BF is hiding his emotions and you want to know truth, just say these lines before sleeping, while speaking, tell yourself that you only want him/her to express his feeling, you mean no harm to anyone!

”Emotions tangled and in darkness
As they first start
But today and now
They come spilling out
Earth fire air and water
Let his emotions come out verbally
No yelling or threatening or irritation
Emotions express yourself
In the moment that needs to be corrected
Do not hold back
And tell the truth
Let Nothing get in the way
Including shyness or anger
By the powers of three times three
Do not place unto me as a curse
As I shall it
So mote it be”

(By my friend WanderingThames but she is not on SoM)
Let me know when it works for you 🙂

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A red candle if you feel like
  • Your voice