Maid Summoning


Casting Instructions for ‘Maid Summoning’

Take the cloth and cut it into the shape of a person. Take the glass and put it over eyes and mouth. Take string/yarn and put it on top of head. Take toy balls and put it under cloth. Take plastic tubing and put it under cloth. Take red food dye and pour it over cloth. Put maid outfit over cloth. Paint the glass and string/yarn. Chant:

”Give me a maid! I want a maid! I need a maid! Name her (Name of maid)! She will be (Age)! Make her my girlfriend! So mote it be!”

The ingredients should glow for about 10 minutes. After that, your maid should be completed. She will be dazed and confused for a few minutes, then she will be focused and have an education equivalent to yours. She will know whoever you know, and everyone you know will know who she is. If you sit down on a couch, she will sit next to you and lay her head on your shoulder. She will lay down next to you if you go to sleep. Do not be afraid. She is doing this to be observant of her surroundings. Her task is to do what you tell her to, while also protecting you. She will know magic, but the spell she starts off knowing is how to change her breast size. You can tell her to cast it at any time. She is also capable of becoming pregnant, but only by you. If she betrays you, or if you betray her, she will die. Lying to her does not count as you betraying her, but her lying to you DOES count, and she knows this. Have fun with your maid!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Voice
  • Maid outfit
  • Cloth (For Skin)
  • Glass (For Eyes and Lips)
  • String/Yarn (For Hair)
  • Red Food Dye (For Blood)
  • Toy Balls (For Heart, Lungs, etc.)
  • Plastic Tubing (For Intestines, Throat, and Blood Vessels)
  • Paint of any color (Eye and Hair Color)
  • Scissors