Magical Prayer


Casting Instructions for ‘Magical Prayer’

You should do this prayer before you go to bed just kneel down before your bed and say:

“I summon the spirits of the east,west,south,and the spirits of the north,and my great lord satan (if your not interested in lord satan you can skip him)the goddess of pentacle(heaven god)and your animal spirit and the sylphs, undines, gnomes,and the salamander please protect me and guide me in my magical journey and give me more power and energy hail to the spirits of the east,west,south,north and my great lord satan(you can leave this if your not interested) and my goddess of pentacle and (your animal spirit) and hail to the spirits of the sylphs,undines,gnomes,and salamander.”

Then clap your hands once and go to bed

You will need the following items for this spell: