Lustral Rose Passion


Casting Instructions for ‘Lustral Rose Passion’

Combine the oils in the olive oil. Remember not to put too much or you will get a rash from the essential oils.

Then mix it with the soap liquid. Remember the little scented oil is okay and will go a long way.

Set up the altar and invoke the gods of love after casting the circle. Then cleanse the bottle with salt and sage after the bottle is rinsed before the ritual. Pour the soap into a bottle using a funnel until it is full. Then extend your hands towards the bottle and say, ”I invoke the energy of Venus, to bless this liquid to steep us in the power of lust and love. Make us passionate in love and help so that our love is passionate enough to last.”

Close the circle after thanking the gods of love and set the shampoo/body wash in the bathroom until further use.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 4 drops of Rose oil (get the purest rose oil)
  • 2 drops of Frankincense oil
  • 2 drops Myrrh oil
  • 3 patchouli oil (get the real patchouli oil online if you need to.)
  • Pure unscented Castile liquid soap brought from the natural health store or online
  • Used shampoo bottle