Lupin the third’s masculine charm. (FTM friendly.)


Casting Instructions for ‘Lupin the third’s masculine charm. (FTM friendly.)’

(This spell mostly involves dressing like Lupin the third. To be clear, NOT REALLYin a form of cosplay but kind of.As a Lupin the third kin, I am blessing you all who do this spell with his confidence and his masculine charm.)

Part one-intention: Fourdays before casting this spell, no matter what the moon phase is go stand outside on a clear night. Look at the star closest to the moon while holding your electronic device (like a cell phone) that has a picture of Lupin the third pulled up on the internet browser. Doesn’t matter what color jacket he’s wearing in the image. And either out loud or mentally state the following:“I am ready to be confident. I am ready to have masculine charm. I am ready to have the confidence and masculine charm like Lupin the third.” Say that while glancing at the star, and the image three times.

Before we move onto part two, if you’re trying to manifest your twin flame, now is a good chance to manifest them.

Part two-Making the good stuff: Next, two days before casting this spell AFTER setting intentions, make the scent. In a small glass spray bottle, fill it about three quarters full of water, then another three quarters full of witch hazel. Next, add 10-25 drops of cedar wood essential oil, and 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil. Screw on the top of the spray bottle, put the cap back on and shake it well. Let it sit in a dark place away from sunlight till you’re ready to use it.
Before we move onto part three, it might be a good idea to spray it on you and let the scent invigorate you. Doesn’t it smell nice and masculine?

Part three-The transformation begins: The day you plan on doing this spell (finally!), get dressed like Lupin. Put on the dark blue or black button down shirt and khaki or light colored pants. Then,look at your hair. If the top part of your hair/bangs are too long, I would highly recommend using scissors to cut them. Look at a picture of Lupin for reference. His bangs are in a short V-shape on his forehead in the middle. (If your bangs are just right already, just skip this step.) Then, use hair gel or pomade (a little bit, not a lot!) to fix the style. Then, put on the belt, tie and jacket. Make sure the tie color coordinates with the color jacket. Spray yourself with the scent you made, and affirm: “I am confident like Lupin. I have masculine charm like him. Ladies/other guys like me and will want to hang out/ask me out/want to date me.”

You will feel masculine andconfident. You will also radiate self love energies, and others will feel it because of how powerful it is. You might even meet your twin flame. (Not promising anything in regards to that.) Expect this to wear off in about 24-72 hours, but it could vary on the person.