Luck & Love Connection


Casting Instructions for ‘Luck & Love Connection’


  1. Make sure you have the heart positioned on some surface.
  2. Place the green candle onto the left hump, the red candle on the right hump, and the white candle at the bottom point or edge of the heart.
  3. Light the candles.
  4. Hold the hand of your partner with their permission and chant this together two times (since there are two of you)(you must show that you mean it):

    “Our sympathy is strong,
    as we strengthen our bond.

    Oh good luck of green,
    bring forth good luck upon our love.

    Oh love of red,
    bring forth love upon our good luck.

    Oh connector and purifier of white,
    please strengthen our connection and purify what has darken.

    Let light shine upon us,
    Connect the luck and love of us.

    Our sympathy is strong,
    as we stand close with our powerful bond!”

  5. As you continue to hold hands, blow the candles out one at a time (green -> red -> white), together, at the same time.
  6. Build onto your relationship as the spell is in affect and express gratitude towards each other and nature.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • – A heart that is on a flat surface (it can be drawn on paper, made from tape, or a heart shaped item).
  • – One vertical red candle
  • – One vertical green candle
  • – One vertical white candle
  • – Your partner