Luck Crystal


Casting Instructions for ‘Luck Crystal’

1: Put Warm water in the bowl.

2: put the Bowl of warm water over your Green/Yellow Pentagram.

3: Put the 3 candle around the bowl one on eatch side but dont put one by you .

4: Before lighting the candle put the crystal in the warm water.

5: Then before you put the glitter in say this 2X. ”With this Glitter i summon with in the gods and make this glitter the key of luck.”

6: Put the Glitter in there and move it around with your hands in the water. and say this 2X ” Oh Please. Oh please Make this Crystal my lucky Stone. thats all i ask for . So moat it be!”

7: Get your hands out of the water and then leave the crystal in there for 24 hours also yes you can blow out the candles if you wish!!

(Can someone try this and see if it works! and yes this is my first spell i just have a feeling this one will work! cuz im kinda gift with making it as well)

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • crystal (Any type one you bring with you everyday)
  • Imagination
  • Water
  • Green and yellow Glitter
  • 3 White Candles
  • pentagram ( Drawn on paper under the bowl of water make sure its a yellow are green pentagram!)
  • Bowl