Love Talisman and Affirmation


Casting Instructions for ‘Love Talisman and Affirmation’

Love Spell

During a full or waxing moonraise energywithbreath meditation, chanting, or another method you prefer. Obtain some apple seeds, vervain, rose petals, loveage, and cinnamon. (All are not required, and you may substitute in other fragrant love herbs.) Mix the herbs during a waxing moon and ask the powers around you to empower and bless your blend.You may call on your patron deity for assistance at this time. As you mix the herbs, visualize your energy mixing with the herbs.Placesome ofthe herbs into a 9 x9 inch square clothor pouchmakethe talisman.There should be enough herbs in the sachet so it has a pleasant fragrance.Red and pink are good colors for the cloth as they represent love.Next add a love symbol such as a heart charm or a copper coin with the symbol of Venus carved in it. Better if it was minted in your birth year. Also add the piece of rose quartz.Tie the bundle closed with red, pink, or white string with 3 with times around and 3 knots. Let it sit in the light of the moon to absorb energy. Full moon is best for this.

In a fireproof bowl or cauldron, burn the remaining herbs and fervently chant the following:

Lasting love andhappiness start

as lovefor mefillshisheart.

Lethisdesire burn like a fire.

Thenwe shall be together joyfully.

So mote it be!

(substitute her for his when applicable)

This works better if you have the words memorized. The exact words aren’t important, so if you would rather use a love poem you wrote, that’s fine so long as it clearly expresses your will using affirmative words.

The herbs should be dry beforehand and you may need to use some alcohol or charcoal lighter fluid to help them burn. Exercise appropriate safety and keep away anything else flammable, use a small amount of fuel, and this is best done outisde away from dry leaves. While doing so, visualize being with a romantic partner.

Write an affirmation on the pink paper stating “I will soonbe intimate witha man /ladywho…” Then describe his or her desired qualities using positive statements. Refrain from using negative words like “not” or “without” in your affirmation. Draw a heart or another love symbol in red ink on the other side and scent the paper with rosewater or your favorite perfume.

Spend some time meditating on being with aan ideal lover. Visualize romantic outings together and concentrate intensely onyour emotions and the idea of having a romantic partner.This step is important since directing your energy is the core of the spell. After this is done, release any energy by grounding. Do this by hitting the ground with both hands and visualize energy flowing into the earth.You can add energy to the spell at any time by reading your affirmation and visualizing being with an ideal lover; do this daily if possible.

In order for the spell to manifest, you must give it the opportunity to. Seek out social venues and socialize as much as possible with a positive attitude.Carry the talisman and affirmation with you to attract a soulmate. Don’t tell others about the spell as their disbelief or jealous intentions may prevent it from manifesting.

If you don’t have some of the mentioned substances, substitute with them what feels appropriate for expressing love. Rose petals are powerful in love magic, and the more ways you can incorporate them into your ritual the better. For added effect, this spell can be performed during a full moon or on Beltaine (April 30th).