Love/Sexual Poppet


Casting Instructions for ‘Love/Sexual Poppet’

First you get your fabric, cut out two outlines of a person and then stitch them together, leaving an opening in the head to put in your filling. Mix together the lavendar and blue violet, set aside. Fill up the arms and legs with cotton, then put in your magical link (hair, nails, picture, etc.) and pour in the herbs. Fill the rest of the doll with cotton and stitch up the opening. Personalize the doll, make the doll look like the person by maybe dressing them like them or putting in some yarn hair or something. Whatever you need.

Leave the doll in the light of the full or waning moon to cleanse it of any unwanted energies. Once that is completed you are ready to cast your spell on it.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Sowing kit
  • Red or pink fabric
  • Blue violet (dried)
  • Lavendar (dried)
  • Hair/nail clippings or a picture of person
  • Full or waning moon
  • Cotton