Love Potion 7


Casting Instructions for ‘Love Potion 7’

Don’t put the cauldron on the fire yet. Fill the cauldron with a gallon and 3/4ths. Take the scissors and cut each puppy hair in half. Use a ruler the more exact the better the potion. You should have eight pieces now. Put in 4 of them. Stir with the ladle counterclockwise once and clockwise once. Add a fem. cat hair. Stir once clockwise. Add the rest of the puppy hair while and at the same time as adding the rest of the cat hair. Add half of your orange essence. Then 1 red rose petal. Stir 5 times clockwise and then 1 time counterclockwise, then 1/2 clockwise, then 4 times counterclockwise. Add the 1/2 of a black rose petal. Stir 1/2 times counterclockwise. Then put in the dove feather. Stir 10 times clockwise. Get a 12 in. purple ribbon. Take the scissors and cut it into fourths, so 3 in. per piece. Drop in 1 of the pieces. Put in the essence that smells good and the essence that you love. Drop in another piece of ribbon. Then put in the white rose petal. Then another part of the ribbon. Then the rest of your orange essence except 1 tiny piece. Then the last piece of ribbon. Stir cauldron 7 times real fast clockwise, 2 times real fast counterclockwise, 6 times clockwise real fast, 7 times counterclockwise real fast. This should create a magical vortex dead center of the cauldron that is The Connecting Of The Junctions Of Time. Pour the sunlight right into the center of the vortex. Have the sunlight ready but don’t uncap till then because then the sunlight will get pulled up to the sky. After the sunlight goes in the vortex will immediately spin backwards real fast and then stop abruptly. Stir once either clockwise or counter, which ever one your heart chooses. Put the cauldron on the fire. Stir 2 times clockwise. Put in your piece of yourself. Add the rest of the rose petals. Put in the leftover 1/4 of the gallon of water. Take out the match and lighter. Light it. Hold it up to the potion. Light the top of the potion. Flames with leap out. Don’t recoil. Let the flames encircle your face. They are comforting. The flames will then retreat back to the top of the potion and sink into the potion but really disappear. When the last bit of flame is gone the potion will be a smooth drink that is the most good looking color in your mind. Put it in bottles. Then give one to your crush. Remember, you don’t have to go through with this.
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • have a fire set up to put the cauldron on
  • 13 red rose petals
  • 1 dove feather
  • match and lighter
  • cauldron
  • ladle
  • 1 feminine cat hair 1 masculine cat hair
  • 4 puppy hair
  • sharp scissors
  • pint orange essence
  • 1 white rose petal
  • 10. 1 half of a black rose petal
  • 1 essence of what has your fav. smell and what you love
  • (ex. lets say I loved the smell of grass essence of grass and loved books essence of a piece of book or paper. Mail me if you have questions about how to get your essence. :))
  • 1 fourths of a 12 in. purple ribbon
  • 1 2 gallons of purified distilled water
  • 1 a cup of trapped sunlight (mail me if don’t know about that)
  • 1 An eyelash, piece of hair, or something like that that is part of you that you love about yourself to add. The bigger the
  • piece the more they fall in love with you and the more obsessed they get with loving you. They’ll never hurt you because they love you though, and they’ll always listen to you and be faith full.