Love in All Aspects


Casting Instructions for ‘Love in All Aspects’

Cast a circle. There is no set way to do this, with deep intention you could do this with anything if you feel. This is simply how I do it, you do as you feel best. You can skip this if you have your own way of casting. It is best to do this outside in a shed or area with little wind, as you need to burn the parchment and the candles can easily be blown out by the wind.

Take your items to your special spot. I prefer nature. Set them in the middle of where you want the circle to be. Take your athame/wand/hand and hold it to your solar plexus. Breathe deeply. Repeat at the third eye. Raise your channeler to the sky. State what is not allowed in the circle and what is. For those who are new, I suggest ancestors, Gods/Goddesses… for guidance, support, and love in my doings. All presences and aid is greatly appreciated.

Walk clockwise while thinking of clearing negativity when naming the four points. Move channeler to each major direction, North South East and West, starting with whatever feels best. If using incense, trail incense with you in the other hand that is not channeling. Taking time to visualize an energetic field of protection forming as you go along, deep breathing in sets of four inhales and exhales at each point. Address each direction for what it means to you. I point my channeler from ground to above my head in a diagonal motion.

When completed, keep the channeler raised and walk to the center, sealing the circle. The shape you are trying to make is not just a circle but a Torus, the cycle pattern which can be tied to everything we know thus far in this existence. If you do not know the shape, I suggest you look it up.

Set your items up the way you wish. Light each candle while thinking of what they represent. If outside, I recommend candles with ventilated cover. Take the parchment and write what you want in a person. Beware, too vague can get you too little and too much may squander others who could have qualified but for missing a detail. My suggestion is,
My intention is to bring a healthy love into my life. They will be loyal and truthful. Even if they do not agree with things I do or say, they will be open and supportive. They will be around the same spiritual level I am. I ask for these things and/or better.

For sachet:
Take the ingredients and put into pouch or small box one at a time. Think of what the ingredients stand for, and the way they make you feel. Think of pleasant things, like the scent or shape of the items. Pause to smell, observe, feel etc if a particular ingredient holds your attention. Pass sachet over the candles letting the pouch absorb the things each candle represents.

Take the parchment and sachet and hold to your solar plexus. With a clear intention and strong tone, say the following as many times as is needed.

“I send this call out
To be answered when it is time
For a healthy, strong love
That sprouts and grows like a vine.
Nothing too deep to share
Naked soul before your and my eyes
When known for years and years
Small things will still pleasantly surprise.
At the worst I will be there for you
Just as you will for I
Radiate the feeling of
Being able to go beyond the sky.
We will fight as lovers do
Though not to a high or violent degree
Arguments turn to debate melts to chat
That leads to resolve and mutual apology.
We will grow and learn together
Individually as well as unison
In any situation we find ways
To laugh, be happy and have fun.
I send this call out
For their soul to hear
Healthy love when we are ready
Thought to physical, my intention appears.”

Set the sachet on your lap and take the parchment. Say what is written on it to the candles. Fold or roll parchment and choose a candle to light it. Set the parchment in a burn proof container/cauldron. Imagine the words going up with the smoke. Relight with another candle until all is burnt. Take the ashes and set upon the wind.

Closing the circle. Again, if you have a set way already to do this, by all means proceed with what fits you. Stand up and take your athame/channeler and raise skyward in the middle of the circle. Thank all beings who attended if you called any, thank the winds for carrying your prayer, thank the fire elementals for dancing. I simply by saying Wa doe, June-eela (Cherokee/Zalageesh) which translates to Thank you, all that is sacred.
Make whatever motion you desire to disrupt the circle, I imagine a zipper being unzipped as I take the athame and unzip from the skyward to the earth, poking the tip into the Earth but never more, as to not scratch the blade with underground rocks.

Clockwise, extend athame with opposite hand you used to cast the circle and imagine the zipper going around. Put channeler to your heart chakra and connect a moment. Take the materials back inside. Leave the sachet on the windowsill to absorb Moon’s energy. After the full Moon is over, keep the sachet under/in your pillow or on your alter. Every full Moon leave it on the windowsill. Patience is required with this, your equal lover may not be mature enough to meet you or vice verse. This could take as quick as a month to as long as several years, the match will come when you both are ready.