Love Cards


Casting Instructions for ‘Love Cards’

1. Put the bowl on a surface.
2. Pour the water into the bowl.
3. Find a picture of someone who you want to marry. Chant his name 5 times.
4. If you have a piece of jewelry, hang it on to the picture.
5. Find a red, pink, or white candle.
6. Put the candle into the bowl.
7. Stir the candle wax and the water together.
8. Dip the picture (and the jewelry if you’re using it) into the mixture.
9. Wait 10 seconds, and then place your cards into the water.
10. After a minute, take the cards out of the water, and do what you did in my spell ”Forsee the Future”.
11. Hopefully you predicted if the person you want to marry will love you.
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A Red, Pink, or White Candle
  • Cards (they can be either playing cards or tarot cards)
  • A Bowl
  • Water
  • A Spoon
  • A Picture of Someone who You Want to Marry
  • A Piece of Jewelry (optional)