Love and Desire


Casting Instructions for ‘Love and Desire’

First light the candle. Next write your crush or lovers name in piece of paper. It would also help if you had a picture of the person. Focus and think hard about drawing love into your life and think about the person.

Then say:
“By the power of Venus
– lovers name-
I command thee
Turn your eyes to me
Turn your mind to me
Turn your heart to me
From this small flame
Ignite loves desire
Let it burn brighter
Let it burn higher
I am all you want
I am all you seek
I am all you need
I am all you see
This is my will
So shall it be”

Blow out candle sleep with the paper with the name of your lover on it under your pillow

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 writing utensil