Light Charging/Merging


Casting Instructions for ‘Light Charging/Merging’

For Light Charging:
Go to a room that is as bright as possible (preferably a room with white walls and good lighting or near sun/ any other source of light). Put your hands against the brightest wall or where light shines most. Try to look at the wall through your hands and say the following words: “Light bless me. Light within. Light bound me. Light eternal!” If your hands start to blend into the light and your hands feel a bit different than usually it worked.

For Light Merging:
The next step is holy light (or divine light). Starting from your hands, visualize dim and holy yellow light (shining gas of light or just strong light) shining and glowing and spreading light around. Then, while doing that, say these words: “Light of the gods, light divine: shine upon me, holy light. Shine upon me”. After that put your hands where sun can shine them and let them absorb sun energy. Visualize all of these lights merging. You should now be feeling light energy in your hands.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Concentration
  • A well light place