Incubus Formal Invitation


Casting Instructions for ‘Incubus Formal Invitation’


This spell/ritual [Incubus Formal Invitation] can’t be modified as it’s a this spell/ritual was given to me by Princess Saaraji Lilith.
Princess Saaraji Lilith is the daughter of Lilith and Saaraji is also a priestess. Who is Saaraji to me? she is my supernatural guide and supernatural wife.

This spell/ritual [Incubus Formal Invitation] can’t be modified but if you want to it’s up to you but I don’t recommend it especially if you are serious about inviting an incubus.

Incubus is an supernatural entity some people believes they are male demon that appears in dreams, who takes the form of a human man in order to have sexual intercourse. The female counterpart is the Succubus.

Succubus/Incubus are supernatural entity or you can say supernatural being like human being and they are like human they have freewill and can be good or evil, like human they are asexual, bisexual, heterosexual and homosexual but the truth is most succubus/incubus are heterosexual very few are asexual don’t feel bad there’s many bisexual and homosexual.

In some religious traditions hold that repeated intercourse with a incubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death. From my personal experience with Saaraji I have to say that I am 31 years old a very health and happy and I believe every human will taste death just that some human die young others don’t.

This spell/ritual is just to invite a Incubus with a formal Invitation, Incubus usually appears without invite, so why invite? I don’t recommend you to invite but if you are trying to summon I can help you.

Caster Minimum Requirements:

age of 18 years or old [incubus has been with younger woman]
has little or more experience in meditation
has little or more experience in lucid dreaming
you are ready to go to sleep

step by step guide:

Sit in a quiet room alone
1. light candle and burn incense if you wish
2. relax and think in your mind about sexual intercourse
3. put some oil on your body, slowly rub oil on [think about sexual intercourse]
4. feel yourself use your hands and feel your body [think about sexual intercourse]
5. move your body around the room [think about sexual intercourse]
6. keep thinking about sexual intercourse
7. get in bed stop think about sexual intercourse
8. Say in your mind: I want a incubus in my dream, I want a incubus and I will remember my dream
9. try to repeat #8 and think about having sexual intercourse at the same time.

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