Immortality for Vampires


Casting Instructions for ‘Immortality for Vampires’

This part must be done at noon. Place the rock in front of you and chant, “Eroded away and reborn again, a never ending cye if life. Immortal, always there, always new. Let this rock be an example of What I must become”

Place piece of jewlery on the rock and chant, “Materials of the earth,aged, old. And forevermore made into an item of my liking. Never to age. Never to lose its youth or beatuty. I forever place my mortality in this item by the will ofthgod and my own desire. I shall be forever more immortal.”

Spill your blood over the jewlery and chant, “Spirits, elements, gods,godesses, and my own willing soul. I place my mortality in this item. It shal only be removed when the item is broken or stolen. Let my blood bind the power within my soul. My mortal self. I shall become immortal. This is the will ofball, so mote this be.”

At midnight (the night after you cast the spell) take the jewlery out side, wear it, and lok to the moon. Chant. ” moon, oh powerful moon, give me this one wish. I plea to you. I wish to be immortal. My wish is bound in blood and stone. Please with the will of all,make this be.” Keep the jewlery somewhere safe. If it is stolen or broken, the spell will wear off and you will negin to age again

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A sedimentary rock
  • A small amount of your blood
  • A piece of jewelry