Ice powers spell this works 100%


Casting Instructions for ‘Ice powers spell this works 100%’

Hold the ice cube in your hand for ten seconds say spell 3x after saying spell drink the water
I wish for the power of ice
I wish for the power of snow
I wish to control all
To freeze and make snow
Khoine (key own ee)
Give me this power
I shall (how u want ur power to work) to freeze
I shall freeze anything in my path
I shall (how u want ur power to work) to make snow
If I get angry my power my power will get out of control and make a blizzard so I should be careful khoine khoine I call on you to give me thrower if snow in ( how many days or hours u want the spell to work in) it shall last until I choose to reverse it so mote it be

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Cool air (not recommended)
  • Ice cube
  • Cold water
  • Hands