Hypnotic Love Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Hypnotic Love Spell’

Wear the first Perfume on a date with him, hopefully he likes it or comments on it.
When he does use your energies to assist in creating a memory of that pretty scent. You want him to like it.

On the first day call upon the Goddess Aphrodite to bless this spell and anoint the candles with the oil then wrap them 3 times around with the Red yarn or Ribbon.
Cast a Circle with the rose petals and salt on the floor and place both photos about a foot – foot and a half apart in that circle .

”Oh Beautiful Goddess Aphrodite! Hear my Prayer! Let ________ begin to care! I call upon thee O Goddess so true! Let your light shine on him and me too. Bring close our hearts as I make this vow, let his fire burn for only me now”

Light one of the Red Candles as you recite, 3 times:
”This is me don’t you see I’m alone. I have nobody here to call my own, I will show you ______ as he is holding my heart. Bless us o Goddess and we’ll never be apart!”

Place the candle above your photo.
Light the second Candle reciting, 3 times.

”This is my Love_______! How I hold him so dear. I am wishing now that he was right here. Give him Love for me which I will return. Blessings of your power of which I now will now earn!”

Place the candle above his photo.
Now take the Christian Dior perfume and call upon the Goddess to bless it:

”Scents to the soul! (Raise the bottle to the heavens) Bring him to me! With Love so undying he’ll never be free! let him think now about holding me close from now until the day we both become Ghosts.”

”With beauty for all and Harm to None! So mote it be!”
Meditate for a few moments and look upon his face (Photo), think of your love and how good you will be to him! Really concentrate hard! Wrap ”both” candles in the remaining Ribbon. Reciting ”These are the ties that bind us together!” Place in a very large holder then let them sit mid circle whilst you think of your lover, Now take the candles to a safe place to burn out completely and then keep the wax in a sealed box. Wear the Hypnotic Poison whenever he’s around Thanking the Goddess for her help! See what happens now!
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 Bottle of random appealing Perfume (Exclamation?)
  • 1 Red Rose
  • 2 red candles
  • 75 inches of red yarn, ribbon or thread (cut into 1/3s)
  • Rose oil (for anointing candles)
  • Salt (Sea would be best!)
  • 1 Bottle Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison Parfum
  • 1 wand (For circle casting)
  • 1 Picture of your love
  • 1 Picture of yourself
  • 1 Rose/Love Incense (Burning throughout)