Hypno Crazy


Casting Instructions for ‘Hypno Crazy’

Close your eyes. Imagine a metal box or container in our mind. Now, once you’ve done that, imagine all of your thoughts and worries flooding into that box. It can be any size you wish. Now, relax. Start with your head, then spread to the shoulders. Relax your arms, chest, and stomach. Relax you groin area and down to your legs, flowing all the way down to your toes. Now, Imagine your arm is getting lighter. its getting so light is starting to rise into the air. Open your eyes, and your arm will be in the air! Some minds are too strong for this trick, and it works well on friends. Contact me if you need help! Btw, you can do other things, like becoming an animal or growing wings. You can also travel the world or become famous for a few fleeting seconds if you wish!
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • None