How to transform


Casting Instructions for ‘How to transform’

There are 5 different types of transformation, im going to do a spell for the simplest one.

if anyone sees you shift, you will transform back. Here is the steps….. Number 1, look in the mirror and imagine you are that animal (but don’t imagine too much, or you’ll drift off). Number 2, say this every day for 3 days “The animal i was born with, boring. *insert animal here* is far better and if i change, i will be better” (p.s if you want to have animals say every other animal in insert animal here) If you wznt to shift then, do it 3 times. Believe. Side effects are: Blurry vision, thinking about the animal in a dream, hunger, tiredness, craving to go outside. If there are any more, tell me!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Belief
  • Any noise
  • Imagination