How to Make a Staff


Casting Instructions for ‘How to Make a Staff’

Scrape off all the bark you can from the stick. Then, with the drill or hammer, make a hole in the top. Poke the wire in, and wrap it around the stick. Hold the staff in your hands and say, “In this staff I present it with the grand almighty power of (your choice). You will have all spells and powers of this! (Power)! So mote it be!” Tough the bottom of the wire and imagine energy flowing into the wire, inside the stick.

Say, “Energy I sent, go stay where I sent, so mote it be!” If you decide to attach a crystal or gem, touch it and focus you energy into it saying “Oh this crystal I power thee, with this staff you shall be, so mote it be!” If the crystal comes off just reattach it. Hold the staff in both hands and say “What I have said shall stay, so mote it be!”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A branch that is sturdy
  • Wire
  • A knife
  • A drill or hammer and nail
  • A power for the staff