How to Know your Spirit Animal


Casting Instructions for ‘How to Know your Spirit Animal’

You have to draw a pentacle on a piece of paper. Then if you have any candles, light them. The candles will help you concentrate. (If you have any candles, it doesn’t matter what color it is.) Then, get into a meditative state and close your eyes. Imagine you’re in nature. You could be in a meadow, a forest, or even a jungle, whatever suits you. Just keep walking in your dream and chant the words:

“Spirit animal come to thee
Reveal what you are to me” (3x)

An animal should appear while you are walking and chanting the words. Go up to it and ask if they are your spirit animal. If they say no, continue walking to find your spirit animal. If they say yes, then you know that they’re your spirit animal. You can ask them questions. But you do have to leave. If you wan to meet your spirit animal again, then you can meditate again.
This worked for me. Mail me if it works for you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A pentacle
  • Paper
  • Candle (optional)