How to Bind Someone in Friendship


Casting Instructions for ‘How to Bind Someone in Friendship’

Cast the circle and sweep the floor with a besom. Visualize for a few moments what you want and how it will be when you finish the spell. Before lighting the candle, inscribe it with the astrological symbol of jupiter (for prosperity) and saturn (for binding). Then light it.

Chant: “Friendship eternal, true and steadfast I shall have thee now at last”.Take the red thread and the two personal items and as you bind them together chant: “You and I bound together in friendship and trust now and forever!”. Then tie the thread and knot it securely visualising the magick being locked in.

Now take the picture hold it in your gith hand and send loving energies into it then chant: “More than brothers/sisters we are now to each other. We endow our knowledge our secrets and all and both of us together shall stand tall free from mistrust deception and lies. By this spell i strengthen our ties together we stand now and forever here to support one or the other!”

Now recite the latin incantaion for manifestation: “Per omnes vires terrae et maris. Per omnes potentias lunae et solis. Velut volo ut liceat esse. Carmen canta et fiat. Beata sint!”. Put everything in the green box and keep it hidden (put a protection spell on it if you want) but make sure to put it out in the sun for a few minutes every Thursday.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A personal item from the person to be bound form you and A picture of you and your target together
  • A green box
  • A red thread
  • One yellow candle