Herbs of Communication spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Herbs of Communication spell’

This isn’t just a love spell, A good example of when I cast it was when I was once waiting to hear about a job and I was reckless with worry, everytime my mobile buzzed I would jump on it thinking it was a call to tell me that I had got it, I checked my emails twise a day, everyday. I waited and waited. I was going the way lots of girls go when they have been out on a few dates with someone they REALLY fancy and… not even so much as a “like” on Facebook or an email from him since and no explaination as to why he hasn’t got in touch.

I was like that over a job. CALM DOWN! and do something none related to whatever it is your obsessing about. But It was hard for me as not having any money or a job at the time got me down. So I cast a little spell.

You need your “comunication tool” or why not use more then one. Your phone or Laptop will do or use whatever you want. Write on the tiny piece of paper either the initials of the person you want to call you or the name of the place if you are waiting for a phone call from for a job and don’t know the name of the person who will ring you.Put this piece of paper under your phone or laptop then slowly scatter the herbs in a clockwise direction around your phone.Picture that person picking up their phone and texting you or calling your number or walking over to your computer. What do you want this person to say to you in their message or do you just want them to see how you are with a friendly phone call? Think about it and concentrate.

“Herbs or Mercury, speed to me the call I wish to receive”

or you can change the word “call” to “text” or “email” because we live in a busy modern world and texting has, in some cases replaced phone calls and it’s how some would rather comunicate. No worries.

Leave your phone with the herbs scattered around it while you sleep, it’s a good idea to turn it off not because of the spell but it’s good every once in a while to have “me” time and focus on you. Not the person you want to call you or what outcome you want but you. Plus, getting silly facebook updates from randomers can be a tad annoying when you are trying to get your forty winks!

Turn the phone on in the morning. DO NOT ATTACH any emotions to the situation go on with your day and you will get your call/ text/ letter/ email. I’ve tried this spell with friends I havn’t heard from in years, Would – be employers and even guys I’ve dated and It always works. I always get a response and I NEVER call them first, I leave them to get in touch with me.