Herbal Charm to Attract Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Herbal Charm to Attract Love’

Place the petals, heart and coin or ring on the cloth and visualize the type of lover you are -looking for. Tie the cloth into a pouch with the blue thread -or ribbon, using seven knots. As you tie the knots you may chant an -incantation, such as:

“Seven knots I tie above,
Seven knots for me and love”.

Hang the pouch close to your pillow and -await results. This charm is designed to draw someone towards you and does not guarantee that you will necessarily fall madly in love with the person who comes along- you have simply made yourself attractive to them.If this is so then be prepared to let the other persondown gently.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Acacia, rose, myrtle, jasmine or lavender petals,
  • A red heart cut from paper or felt
  • Copper coin or ring
  • A circle of rose or red coloured cloth
  • Blue thread or ribbon