Hekate Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Hekate Spell’

  • Light your incense.
  • Contemplate your decision. If necessary writedown all the options.
  • Stand with your arms in the Goddess position(arms crossed) to acknowledge the presence.
  • Read the incantation below aloud and let theenergy of it flow through you for a fewminutes.

All powerful Hecate, goddess of victory
Bestower of good fortune and infinite wealth
Hear my prayer, that I send through this
sweet-smelling smoke Wise Watcher of the crossroads and

the forking alleyways
Of sailors, and travellers and all journeying folk
Hear me now as I too humbly make my approach.

  • Raise the bowl of honey and say:

Accept this offering of fresh clear honey
As sweet and as pure as your fine beauty
Bestow divine light
Bring me clarity
Hear my prayer now
As I choose which road.

  • Put the honey bowl down.
  • Raise your arms again in acknowledgementof Hecate.
  • Lower your arms.
  • Sit down quietly, knowing that the answerwill come to you and that you will know which decision to make.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Hecate incense
  • Small bowl containing honey