He Loves Me


Casting Instructions for ‘He Loves Me’

Sit in a meditating position. Put the paper down in front of you and hold up the needle. Chant two times “Aphrodite, I call on thee, hear my plea. For true love that is not recognized. To form an unbreakable link between our hearts. With this needle, I call upon Cupid. Make this needle enchanted, grant me my wish of love. This is my will, so mote be!”

Gently murmur his name ten times and put the needle through the heart on the paper in a way that won’t poke you. Warning: tip must be pure. If you poke yourself or even draw blood, throw the needle away and care for the wound. get a new needle and start over again.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A Needle (any type will do)
  • Paper with a drawn on heart