Hag Stone Enhancer


Casting Instructions for ‘Hag Stone Enhancer’

You first must find a hagstone or buy it somewhere preferably if you have one with a big hole and it should be rounded. Get the bowl of water and wrap the hagstone in the cloth/rag/towel and slowly place it in the water and let it sink. When it touches the bottom chant this:

“Hagstone, Hagstone grow
your power when the moon,
shines be the kind of stone
that one would scry with.
Listen to me Spirits/Angels
and grant my wish,
So mote it be.”

After saying the chant bring the bowl outside to the moonlight and let it stay there the whole night. In the morning it should be ready to Scry with!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A hag stone (Necessary) You can find this at a beach or a Mediterranean beach.
  • A rag/Cloth (Necessary)
  • Water (Necessary)