Good Luck In Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Good Luck In Love’

On the scrap of paper, write out each persons name, or use a symbol created out of their names. I added the sigil below and drew two rings intertwining. Roll up the paper into a tube. Wind the cord around it. The tie three knots

  1. One knot for Friendship
  2. One knot for Love
  3. One knot for Luck

Put the scroll in to the tealight (you probably have to bend it so it will fit). Then add the rock. Set it on fire, let it burn. Light some incense from the fire and let it ash into the tealight. Visualize the smoke going to the two people, giving them the energy from the spell. Once the fire dies out, allow the wax to cool again, leaving the ash and the rock inside.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Tealight Candle
  • String (I used hemp cord)
  • Small Paper
  • Incense
  • Rock (I used a pink one)