Golden Crush


Casting Instructions for ‘Golden Crush’

Meditate for a few minutes before casting spell as to gain concentration. When feeling calm, light the candle and place it in front of you. Focus on the flame and it’s movement. Then hold up the belonging or photo of yope crush and imagine the energy vibrating off it, picture your crush’s aura surrounding it. Try and place a lock on the aura, as if you know it by heart and could recognize it anywhere and summon it on cite.

Set the object aside and pick up the lipstick and write neatly (or you could try and wrote work a really pretty style) a description of your crush’s aura and the way it makes you feel, all the while picturing it in your mind. Then write your crush’s name on the back of the paper. Apply the lipstick to your lips a kiss the paper what ever number of times that feels natural. Fold the paper in half then half again, place a drop of vanilla essence on the paper and place it under your pillow. Blow out the candle and put it, along with your crush’s belonging/photo on your windowsill in the moonlight. Turn off the lights and go to bed. Before falling asleep whisper

“(Crush’s full name) I see you in your golden glory,
The same colour as my lips,
May you forever see me as I see you,
Seal our love with kisses,
For you shall be mine, and you shall love me so,
And I be yours,
So mote it be!”

Repeat this as many times as you kissed the paper and then picture your crush until you fall asleep!

This should work within a few weeks, keep the paper under your pillow until you start to think it’s working: signs that it is working is your crush starts talking to you more, compliments you, is shy around you, I’d you used a photo as part of the spell then they might hang out with you in that space where the photo was taken or just hang out there in general. Of course the main sign that it worked is he/she asks you out! When getting rid of paper bury it in a significant place in a relatively deep hole that wouldn’t be dug back up!!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A picture or belonging of your crush
  • A red candle
  • Gold lipstick
  • Vanilla essence
  • Paper
  • Nightime