Getting Over Someone


Casting Instructions for ‘Getting Over Someone’

Now you begin by placing the White Candles left and right from the Red. Then you light the Red Candle, then the two White Candles. Then Light the piece of paper with the name on it. While doing so you should be chanting these words…

“I Burn Thy name (name of person) So it Shall Be
Cast out of my Memory
Your memory Erased from my Mind
No longer held by the Constraints of time
I accept this now made Manifest,
So Shall it Be!”

Visualize the person fading from your mind until they disappear from your mental screen. This spell works best when the Moon is Waning. The Waning Moon is for doing Spells that on things you wish to go away from you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 Red candle for Strength
  • 2 White candles for Healing
  • A piece of paper with the persons name whom you wish to get over written on it