Get Your Lover


Casting Instructions for ‘Get Your Lover’

First create an altar area for your spell that won’t be disturbed while the spell is active. Create 3 rings of candles, with the white on the inside, then a ring of pink and the red candles on the outside. The exact size doesn’t really matter. Light all 15 candles, one ring at a time, starting with the white ones.

Repeat the first part of the spell out loud:

By the power of Aphrodite,
I ask the Goddess to bless my ritual
To bring forth a true love
So mote it be

Then put on the lipstick (yes, even if you are a guy), and put a big lip print in the center of the cloth. Say:

By this kiss,
I bring power to this spell
To bring forth a true love
So mote it be

Set the seashell over the print, and wrap the cloth up over the shell to make a little bundle. Tie it up with the red yarn. Set the charm in the center of the inner candle circle. Now say:

By this shell,
I call the Goddess,
To bring forth a true love
So mote it be

Run your hands around each circle of candles, just above the flames, Again, start with the inner circle of white candles, and move outward. Set the dish in the circle, and add a berry or two (they represent the Goddess).

Leave all the candles to burn out naturally on their own (it doesn’t matter which colors go out first). Leave everything in place until you meet someone new. Replace the strawberries with fresh ones everyday. If no new relationships reveal themselves, you should wait at least one full moon cycle to try this ritual again.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Deep red lipstick
  • 5 red candles
  • 5 pink candles
  • 5 white candles
  • Square of white cloth
  • Clean sea shell
  • Piece of red yarn or ribbon
  • Small white dish
  • Fresh strawberries