Get Him/Her to be your Friend


Casting Instructions for ‘Get Him/Her to be your Friend’

Make sure you concentrate on exactly what you want. Before doing this spell, clear your mind of anything unrelated to this. 1. Think of this person watching you speak to your friends, looking at you for a few seconds and finally motioning towards you. 2. Say this while closing your eyes, “I need your company, your presence around me. Your laugh, smile and the joy you bring. I hope you don’t mind me, ( persons name ). I hope we can be friends. Now my intentions will come to life, as I say your name no less, no more than three times. ( persons name ) ( persons name ) ( persons name ) So mote it be!” 3. When you are saying the persons name, say their first AnD last name. I hope this spell works out for you!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Your voice
  • The ability to visualize