Friendship Attraction Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Friendship Attraction Spell’

Day 1: Write a spell inspired by the first fandom or character that made you interested in pop culture magic kiki’s delivery service! let’s be honest, when isn’t it kiki or sabrina the teenage witch that got us into pop culture magic, once we discovered it?

Whenever kiki left her home for the city, she had a tough time making friends. feels an awful lot like me now thatI go to a different school. honestly, it’s pretty hard making friends here! so why not cook up a little friendship attraction spell?

“A friend is all I need, not to sound full of greed. A platonic relationship anew, is all I need with you. Come forth and take your place, for you, there is plenty of space.” you needn’t say “So mote it be…” with this spell, but if you’d like, you can end with that! just as you don’t need any candles or crystals, but can use them.


You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Candles(optional!): white: for new beginnings pink: for friendship
  • Red: for love (platonic)
  • Crystals(optional!): pearl: pure mind and heart
  • lapis lazuli: intuition
  • moss agate: friendship