Forget a Friend


Casting Instructions for ‘Forget a Friend’

  1. Wait for the sky to be completely dark
  2. Gather the object that represents your bond and the thing your friend has written on.
  3. Get rid of the object, make sure is out of your sight, and others sight too. E.g. Bury it (I threw my object into a gutter and it worked)
  4. Chant this however many times you wish: “Tonight this bond shall shatter. I shall think of you no more (person’s full name). This longing shall cease. I swear it on (a god/goddess/the moon/sun-anything you wish) Aeternum vale* (person’s full name.)”
  5. Rip up the thing they have written on into as many pieces as possible, dispose of this how you wish.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Something that represents you and your former friend’s bond (e.g. A friendship necklace)
  • Something your former friend has written on (Preferably something about/addressed to you)