For a Lover to Come to You


Casting Instructions for ‘For a Lover to Come to You’

  • Stick two silver pins through the middle of ared candle at midnight.
  • Concentrate on your lover and repeat his orher name several times.
  • After the candle burns down to the pins, yourlover will arrive. It is also said that if you give your lover one of the pins they will remain bound to you.
  • If you wish companionship rather thanpassion, use a candle of a colour appropriateto the other person’s astrological sign.

This spell is one used to influence someone else, so bevery careful how you use it. Pins were often used in magical work in times gone by, because they were readily available. One old custom was to ask a bride for the pins from her wedding dress, for which you must give her a penny.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Two silver pins
  • A red candle