First Date Confidence Charm


Casting Instructions for ‘First Date Confidence Charm’

Just before your date, go into your bathroom, or any room with a mirror. If
you have your borage, take three good whiffs of it now. Then look yourself
in the eye in the mirror and say:
” I call upon your forces three.
Let me see the worth of me.
Confidence is what I seek.
I am strong, I am not meek.”
Say this three times in the mirror, and then go enjoy your date. If you feel
yourself start to loose confidence, say the charm again in a mirror, doesn’t
matter if it is a big mirror or pocket sized mirror. You may want to practice
this a few times before your date as well, that way you are sure that it will
work well, and that you got it right.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • What you need:
  • Yourself
  • A mirror
  • A pinch of crushed borage (optional)