Finding and Naming your Familiar


Casting Instructions for ‘Finding and Naming your Familiar’

Place the animal you want to ask to be your Familiar on your Alter-if it is too big put it next to or something.
place your hands over the animal and look into its eyes and say…
”By the Moon that shines at night, and the Sun that’s very bright, I ask you once, i ask you twice, but more than twice would not be nice… With a Wag, a Croak or Meow, pray tell me now what you will do.
Will you my Familiar be? Give your answer unto Me!”

Wait untill the animal responds, and if you take it as a postive one, then the animal is now your Familiar.

Now you need to name it! your Familiars name must be a secret one.
Again place the animal on you Alter and recite.
”Now i’ll give you a New Name, Secret as a Hidden Flame. It’s a Secret none shall see; Only we two, you and me. With my hand I make this Spell. Your new name to none i’ll tell.
It is ________________!
This is my Will, So Mote It Be!”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Altar-set up