Find Someone’s Element


Casting Instructions for ‘Find Someone’s Element’

Take the beginner Wizards right hand. Tell them to face it palm down and meditate. Now travel into their mind. You will see a shadowed figure walking through something. That is their element. This is your key:

  • Walking through a flame: Fire
  • Walking through a wave: Water
  • Flying: Air
  • On ground: Earth
  • Walking on a tightrope: Balance (rare)
  • Walking on Ice: Ice (rare)
  • Nothing: Darkness (ultra rare)
  • Walking through a storm: Lightning (rare)
  • Walking in a crazy contraption: Technology (rarest of all)
  • Walking in the sun: Light (ultra rare)
  • Dead: Poison (ultra rare)
  • Putting on lipstick: Beauty ( rare)
  • Trapped in jail: Metal (ultra rare)

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Nothing