Extremely ticklish genitals (unisex)


Casting Instructions for ‘Extremely ticklish genitals (unisex)’

× Sit down naked, at dawn or the start of a new day (morning). Preferably early so it will last the whole day.

× Warning! Choose a day when you want to feel intense, almost torturous but pleasurable ticklishness in your genitals for the whole day. Warning: very potent! 😉

× Light the candle, meditate and gaze into it intentively/sensually, building up the energy in the sacral and root chakras area. Try to move this sensual energy around your softest, most sensitive genital parts.

× Try to build up arousal, visualize tickle scenes you have seen online if that helps. Get very aroused.

× Put the intent of becoming extremely ticklish in the genitals on the candle flame, the flame symbolizing sensual passion.

× Say the following spell in an aroused tone / panting if whispering:

Lord! I call upon You!

All I have: a secret wish…

Grant me it, oh, Father!

And this gift I shall cherish…

× Put cream on your fingers, and rub your genitals with it to create arousal.

The wettest slug’s wettest touch

Bring to my privates! Oh!

× Get the feather and tickle your genitals until you’re very aroused*

The softest feather’s softest tickle,

Bring onto my privates! Ah! Ahh!!

× Now use a soft plush to rub your genitals. Imagine it is a sexual entity, like a spirit of tickle or whatever..

The wildest beast’s arousal,

Bring on my genital! Hooh! Hah!

× Now drink a glass of water with intent, saying:

Fill me with the horniest chemicals,

And make my genitals

As horny, as aroused and as ticklish as they can get!


× Tickle slightly with feather

Giddy giddy giddy goo!

All day, every day

The slightest touch shall make my day!

And make me scream! Ahh!

And laugh! Ahahahahahaha!!!

And squirm *move your hips rythmically* with pleasure!

For my genitals are my ticklish-ticklish treasure!

Lord! Make my coochie the most ticklish ever!

Ticklish ticklish

Ticklish pleasure on my pinkish.

Ah! Hooh.. Ah! Hoooh… Ah! Ahh! Ahhh!!!…

*aroused breathing 8 times*

*tickle with feather again*

Like ten thousand little worms

Squirming on my genital softly, tickling me..

And all I shall say for this:

*** Giddy giddy goo! (Ooh! Oohh!)

Giddy giddy goo! (Ooh! Oohh!)

*tickle genital intensely with feather*

Tickle, tickle, tickle…***

Tickle it up, and tickle itdown,

In the dawn

I say, ahhw!

For all the day

This torturous, ah ahahah

Unsatisfyable pleasure, ah ahahah

Ticklish ticklish ticklish… haha!

Pleasureable, hellish tickles! Hahaha!

Bless my coochie!

Gichi! Gichi!

Coochie coochie goo!

Lord! My genitals, oh!

Bless them with a ticklishness

A thousand times more than hardcore!

Gichi gichi goo!

Giddlee giddle gee!

So shall it be!

*tickle it with feather one last time.

* thank the Lord for this gift for today

* blow out candle


Throughout the day when you are tickling yourself,say the paragraph within the three stars – ***’s!

This spell is for 1 day, however, it may work if you use the mini-spell within ***’s!

Use to tickle your genitals by yourself or with a partner, with a partner have them recite the mini-spell with the ***’s!

Enjoy together, lovelies! <3