Exotic Love Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Exotic Love Spell’

On a sunny day, pick or purchase a small bouquet of your favorite flowers. Take the flowers home and lay them on a table or place them in a vase. Light two beeswax candles and place the bouquet between them.

Prepare a bowl of your lover’s favorite, fresh fruits. If by some chance, your lover dislikes fruit, feel free to substitute a food or snack for which they have a passion. Fruit works best, but other foods will do. Place the bowl in front of the flowers, nearest you.

One-by-one, garnish the fruit with the flowers. As you place each flower in the fruit, recite the following words:

“Flowers and fruit, fresh and sweet,
Love and Desire, Passion greet.”

When you have finished garnishing the fruit with the flowers, place the bowl in a location that your lover frequents. Any unused flowers should be disposed of.

Extinguish the candle.

Each day that your lover partakes of the fruit, remove a flower from the bowl and place the flower in the bedroom, close to the bed. As the flowers accumulate, so will your lover’s passion.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Can be found in instructions.