Everlasting Immortality No.3


Casting Instructions for ‘Everlasting Immortality No.3’

Light the candles for years you want to live. A white candle equals 10 years, the blue candle equals 20 years. But if you have the one with blue and white in it, then it is 30 years for each of that candle. If you don’t want to live forever, use with caution and decrease the number of candles.

Burn flowerly incense while writing your name and years you want to live longer for on the joss paper (use wish ones for the best results) with Dragon’s Blood ink with a prick of your finger or spit. Say, “I ask the Immortal ones to give me the years I wish to live longer and to be young on the inside out.”

Then burn it inside of the container and visualize yourself living longer with the age you’re in. I recommend 18 and older for the age to start it on.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • White and blue candles
  • Flowery incense
  • Joss paper
  • Burning container like cauldron or incense burner
  • A drop of blood or spit
  • Dragon’s blood ink