Everlasting Bloody ring bond


Casting Instructions for ‘Everlasting Bloody ring bond’

Place rings in the center of the pentagram
Cut your finger to draw blood and with your bloody finger,smear your blood on the inside of the ring. Your friends do the same.
Start to chant 8 times:
”With our blood on these rings, our bonds will be everlasting. We shall feel each other’s pain as ours. We swear we shall be forever friends and never take off our rings. So mote it be”
After chanting 8 times, slide on your ring on your index finger
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2 or more identical rings (more if its more than 2 people being bonded together)
  • Something to cut your finger with
  • Yourself and your friend(s)
  • Blood
  • Pentagram