Energy Massage


Casting Instructions for ‘Energy Massage’

Note* this is what I did to help me conduct and focus my energy.

First, visualize your energy coursing throughout your body, feel it flow through you. See the colors that it makes.
Second, imagine that energy flowing from the base of your skull into your shoulders, down your arms and into your hands.
Third, concentrate that energy into your palms and have a current flowing into each of your fingers.
Fourth, start massaging your partner/you where needed, imagine that energy growing from the current in your finger tips and into the muscle and tissue, helping it to relax and to take away any pain or discomfort.

When I did this my palms felt warm and I could feel the currents running through my hands, in my minds eye, the energy I was using was a bright blue, but when I concentrated it to another part of my body, it changed color.

My partner reported that one hand was warm while the other was cool, like an icy hot patch. He also said it tingled. Afterwords he felt calm and euphoric and that the pain in his back was conpletly gone.

This massage can be used to help pain or it can be used sensually.

This worked for me, and I hope it does for you as well, messgage me with your results.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Focus.