Easy Love Potion #1


Casting Instructions for ‘Easy Love Potion #1’

Pour salt water in Harpeden Jar. Take out your Belican beans and dissolve in salt water. Place small amounts of FRESH Alison Balm. Fresh is always good for use. Place in some Plantet from a Sovereign Worm. DO NOT GET ANY Plantet on your hand…because it causes copper piping. Please be careful.

Place whatever personal item you have in the potion. If its a card or whatever that is big, cut it up and place pieces in potion. Stir mixture to 0.001 Billiliters. Pour potion into potion bottle. Then drink potion to its entire content, when in the pressence of your target.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Harpeden Jar
  • Salt Water(Any type; filtered or not).
  • Belican Beans
  • Fresh Alison Balm
  • Sovereign Worm’s Plantet
  • Personal Item(An item that is personal to your crush).
  • Potion bottle