Casting Instructions for ‘Dreamwalking’

You might want to perform a power summoning spell before this. It takes a lot of energy.
Picture yourself and this person somewhere. It can be anywhere, although it works better if you pick a place that has some relativity to this person, some kind of connection.
Think about what you are wearing. What do you look like? How long is your hair, which side of your face are your bangs on(if you have any), what color shirt, what is the design, etc. Think about what they are wearing, what they look like.
As you figure out the details, think very deliberately about what you want to tell this person. Try to keep your mind clear as it will help you to remember as much of the dream as you can after you wake up.
Once you have figured ou all of this, store the details in the back of your mind.
Fall into a meditative state. Clear your mind of all things except forming a connection between you and the person you want to visit. Imagine a trail from your body to theirs and feel it connecting the two of you. Allow it to connect your minds, your energy, your souls. Bring the two of your souls together. Imagine them becoming one. Feel the two of you thinking together as one being, feeling together, breathing together.
Now bring back the details, guide each of your souls to the correct place. Then, just let yourself fall asleep, imagining that your mind is fading out of your body on Earth and into the body you have created in your imagination. Don’t fight the sleep. Let it come.
After you wake up, you might not remember the dream for the first few tries. It took me at least a dozen attempts at this spell until I was able to start remembering the dreams. It might help to keep a dream journal.
This spell is very complicated due to all the details that need to be remembered, and may not work the first few times you try it. If you have no connection with the person you are trying to visit, it will be even harder as bringing your souls together is crucial to the proper excecution of this spell.
If the dreamwalking part does not work for you, it can also work to strengthen your realtionship with this person(whatever it may be) because you have to really connect yourself to them, openly and freely. It may give you a better understanding of who they are or a situation they are in, or just in general it can form a connection that was weak before you did the spell.
Good luck!
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Strong energy
  • Vivid imagination
  • Memory(I’ll explain in a minute)
  • Ability to connect