Dream of Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Dream of Love’

Get a paper and draw you and him/her doing anything together. Now write your name and their name at the top of paler and write underneath “I love you”. Now hold the paper to your heart and picture the scene happening. Now chant

“I love you, this is for real. We shall be two, now i can heal. I love you forever, we shall never part. I know in my heart, you love me so together we be. I know you think it’s a dream, but I know it is real. When you awaken, it will replay.”

Now draw a heart in the middle of the paper and say “I love you and you love me” (3x). After you are done say “so mote it be”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Paper
  • Writing thing (better if red or pink)