Drawing Spirits


Casting Instructions for ‘Drawing Spirits’

First place your drawing infront of you. Next you place the red candle to your right, the white infront of you, and the gren on the left. Light them then chant,” Gods and Goddess please grant my wish and bring my drawing to life.”

Then pour the white candle wax on the head, the red on the heart, and the green on the feet. Then switch the candles around with red on top, and green on right, and white on left.

Chant the same thing then pour red first on the heart, green at the feet, white on the head.
Repeat the chant and switch the candles with green on top and you know the drill. And after each time you put the wax on the drawing, place your hands on the paper and connect with the drawing.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Red, yellow, and green candle
  • Drawing, meaningful