Draconic Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Draconic Love’

This spell should be done on a Friday as close to the full moon as possible. While a formal circle casting is helpful, it is not strictly necessary.

The day before you want to do the ritual, you wanna glue the picture of the Dragons onto the disk and let it dry. (Seal it with the crafter’s sealant of you wish)

On the day you will be doing the spell, gather all of the required items and set up your altar. Then prepare yourself as if you were getting ready to go on your “dream date”. Take a luxurious bubble bath, and dress as you would if you were going to visit the love of your life on a special occasion. When you are ready return to the altar and begin.

Inscribe into the candle the symbol that represents a man and a woman entwined, and put inside a heart. They may need to be modified for same sex.

Anoint the candle with the oil or potion while concentrating on bringing the perfect lover and partner into your life. Concentrate on the *qualities* you are looking for in a mate, not on any specific person. Place the candle in it’s holder and light. If you have not already done so, light the incense as well.

Pick up the wooden Dragon disk and anoint it with the oil (on the back is fine if you are concerned about the picture). Pass the disk through the incense smoke and over the candle flame while chanting nine times:

“Dragon lovers entwined in flight,

Bring to me a love that’s bright!”

Set the Dragon disk down in front of the candle and the Dragon disk with the rose quartz. Repeat the above chant again 9 times while visualizing pink energy coming from the rose quartz and being sucked up by the disk. When the energy transfer is complete, leave everything where it is until the candle burns itself out (or burns to with 1 inch of the holder if this is safer).

While the candle is burning, take the bag and paint it with the symbol you carved on to the candle, again inside a heart, then place the bag next to the candle to dry. When the candle burning is complete, put your new Dragon love talisman inside the bag and keep it in there when you are not using it.

To activate the talisman, take it out of the bag and repeat the Dragon Lover’s Chant nine times just before you go anywhere. Keep the talisman with you until you return home (If you want you can put it back in it’s bag and hang it on a cord around your neck under your clothing or in a handbag). When you return home, place it back in it’s bag and leave the bag either on your altar or put it somewhere it won’t be disturbed by housemates or family.

Repeat the spell once a month on the Friday closest to the Full moon for as long as you need to.